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Association USHQA

The United States Health Qigong Association is a non-profit 501(c) organization whose purpose is to improve the physical and mental health of the public.

Physical Health affects quality of life, state of mind and even interpersonal relationships. A person in good physical condition tends to have more self-confidence, more energy and more balance which can affect the lives of themselves and those around them in a positive way.

There are nine varieties of Health Qigong which offer practice opportunities from simple to complex.

None of them require special clothing, equipment or venues.
Although based on ancient practices, they are designed to help modern people release tension, balance life rhythms, and tone the body. They are one of the best overall activities for longterm fitness and wellbeing.

Coach Chrisopher Pei is the Founder and Head of the United States Health Qigong Association. For over thirty years, he has lead Health Qigong activities in the Washington, DC area. He believes in helping everyone practice Health Qigong, so that they can be at their best mentally and physically and can help more people develop their own positive energy